NextPV welcomes new members

Dr Tomofumi Hamamura

OCTOBER 2014—The LIA NextPV is welcoming two new members, Dr Tomofumi Hamamura (see photo) who previously worked in SEGAWA Lab. and will be working as a post-doc in the Institut des Sciences Moléculaires (ISM) in Bordeaux on the development of novel sensitizers for improving the efficiency in dye-sensitized solar cells.

And Benoît Behaghel is coming in Japan to continue his PhD program for 18 months in the group of Prof. Yoshitaka Okada (OKADA Lab.). His research project is on the study of light management in quantum structured PV layers for the development of new PV concepts like Intermediate Band Solar Cells. He received his scholarship from the Japanese government (Monbukagakusho).

This month, NextPV was glad to also welcome Prof. Joaquim Nassar, Director of Studies at the École Polytechnique accompanied by students in uniform (see photo, from right to left: Prof. Yoshitaka Okada, Prof. Jean-François Guillemoles, Dr. Joaquim Nassar, Dr. Ryo Tamaki and students in uniform).

Finally, this month was also the occasion of presenting some recent work on organic-inorganic PV:

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