Bordeaux delegation visits NextPV

On June 19, 2013, a delegation from the University of Bordeaux visited NextPV.

BDX Delegation

It consisted of:

  • Prof. Vincent Dousset (1), Vice president for external relations, University of Bordeaux II
  • Prof. Olivier Pujolar (3), Vice-President Education (Bordeaux IV)
  • Dr. Reiko Oda (4), CNRS / University of Bordeaux I
  • Prof. Manuel Tunon de Lara (5), President of the University of Bordeaux II
  • Mrs. Helene Jacquet (7), in charge of the IdEx (Initiative of Excellence)
  • Prof. Kentaroh Mori (10), TIL member, INRA Bordeaux
  • Prof. Vincent Hoffmann-Martineau (11), General Director of the Political Science Institute of Bordeaux

They were welcomed by:

  • Prof. Hiroshi Segawa (6), Director of the Segawa-Lab
  • Prof. Satoshi Uchida (8), Special division for energy and environmental sciences,
  • Prof. Takaya Kubo (9), RCAST Academic-Industrial Joint Laboratory for Renewable Energy,
  • Dr. Ludmila Cojocaru (2), postdoc at RCAST, graduated from the University of Bordeaux I

The purpose of this visit was to review the running activities and to strengthen collaboration between the University of Bordeaux and NextPV through programs and projects driven by the IdEx.

After visiting the Okada Lab. the delegation went to the laboratory of Professor Segawa, which is the mirror lab of the University of Bordeaux I within the LIA NextPV. Fruitful discussions helped identifying ways to strengthen the already very active collaboration in the field of organic and hybrid solar cells.

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